Photo of Adanna Asson

Music Publicist, Strategist & Brand-builder

This Trinidad and Tobago native is considered to be an architect by many. With some 10+ years of experience in the entertainment industry, Adanna Asson has planned, designed and overseen the construction of people and their public image. She is a builder; a Publicist. There are three words that are synonymous with the way Adanna Asson describes herself. Simply put, she is passionate, authentic and honourable.

Her fascination with storytelling began at a tender age. Though, she is unable to pinpoint a definite age, she was always considered the chatterbox among family and friends. Her genuine interest in people and desire to assist with telling their stories led her to the field of Public Relations. While her interest continued to peak, she embarked on her journey to obtain her educational pursuits. She is the holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications from the University of Greenwich and an Associate Degree in Journalism and Public Relations from The College of Applied Arts and Tertiary Education (COSTAATT). Adanna’s attitude and work ethic has separated her from her counterparts in the entertainment industry.

Her ice-breaker when introducing herself is summed up by her saying that she is an “out of the box, sometimes frowned upon entertainment publicist.” Her personality lends support to her ice-breaker; she is a combination of serious, quirky and unconventional. Understandably, Adanna’s attempts to establish herself came with challenges. Each obstacle that she experienced to-date has assisted in shaping the way that she approaches her professional pursuits.

Through her boutique Public Relations agency, Creativa Media Public Relations, Adanna has provided support to a number of personalities in the entertainment industry. For quite a number of years, she worked quietly behind the scenes creating strategies, coaching, establishing relations and executing plans, successfully. Thinking back to the first time her name popped up while using a search engine, Adanna reminisces on the thoughts that plagued her mind. One major re-occurring thought was that of educating. “Knowledge has no value unless you are imparting and sharing, it’s way more valuable that way” shares Adanna.

Truthfully, she means it. At any opportunity, the Chief Builder at Creativa Media PR is sharing gems with clients and those around her. Her company’s website
( provides a space for her to share industry-related advice for creatives interested in perfecting their craft. Adanna has grown immensely in her profession and is considered an asset by many she has served. Staying true to her title of Chief Builder, it is her goal to bridge the gap between her clients and their audiences. It is also her goal to build relationships that can ultimately enhance the careers of her clients and their projects. Her skills in storytelling, press kit creation, biography writing, media relations and creative conceptualization have positively impacted the perception of her clients.

Adanna continues to redefine the role of a publicist and is committed to creating unique opportunities globally for the brands that she represents.