A new digital platform for local and regional artists is launching on November, 9th 2020! The CariStream digital music service is a website and mobile app that helps fans discover and celebrate Caribbean musical content. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, the mission is to showcase and monetize recordings and musical performances from creatives around the region. 

The platform was conceptualized by Farley Joseph, Founder of DianJen– a company that has spent the past 10 years developing local artists and musicians on the business and technical aspects of the music industry. Joseph said that since he was a student in New York in 2010, he observed the need for an indigenous digital platform for the promotion and monetization of regional content. However, due to the high cost of starting such an initiative and other operational challenges this was elusive. He said that changes in technology over the years have made it easier for him to “make a start” and CariStream is now ready to be introduced to the market as a Beta version

CariStream makes music available to global audiences via the web and its specially developed Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs run in the browser and do not use up storage space on the users’ device. Fans can listen, interact and share their favourite tracks with their friends on social media platforms. In addition to the recorded music service, the platform will also be used as a ticketed livestream platform. Live shows (intimate concerts, web shows and interviews) will be produced at the company’s newly developed livestream studio in Gasparillo and offered as ticketed shows which fans can purchase access to using Credit Cards or special vouchers (for those with no credit cards). Artists will be paid for these live concerts. Additionally, all artists and new releases will be promoted on social media and through app push notifications and special mailing lists. 

The CariStream digital music service is available free of charge to artists. To get your music on CariStream you’ll have to sign a contract granting us permission to use your music. You may contact our team today at: 1.868.790.3773 or 1.868.387.6108 or email us at: [email protected]. Be sure to subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages.