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The DJ Jumpstart is designed to provide fundamental training in Disc Jockey techniques to hobbyists and those wishing to pursue a professional career in the field and are desirous of learning formal training techniques.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Explain the theory underpinning the operation of various DJ technologies, without assistance.
  • Select appropriate equipment for DJ tasks, with minimal assistance.
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Course Content:

  • Crowdreading and Beatmatching
  • The CDJ, SL 1200MK2 & Other Equipment
  • Basic and Advanced Skratches
  • Ableton Live DJ Techniques
  • Performance Royalties & PROs
  • Social Media Strategies & Techniques for DJs

Each student that completes the online training and assessments and attains an overall grade of 50% will receive a Certificate of Completion from our institution.

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This is a self paced 6 week course. You study on your own time

Hardware Requirements: Participants should have their own equipment for private study.

Software Requirements: Participants should have their own software for personal practice.

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A Closer Look at What You Will Learn

  • Introduction and Overview of the Course
  • Brief History of DJing
  • The Role of a DJ
  • The Need for Headphones
  • The Development and Evolution of Turntable Technology
  • Industry Standards: The CDJ & SL 1200 MKII
  • Software tools
  • Detailed look at the functions available on different players
  • Overview of main controls- Que, Play, Speed, Jug Wheel, Fader, BPM
  • Baby Skratch
  • Forwards
  • Tears
  • Transformer
  • Chips
  • Fades
  • One Click Flare
  • Much More!
  • Military Skratch
  • Chirp Flare
  • Skratch Combos
  • Boomerang Skratch
  • Prism Skratch
  • Autobahn Skratch
  • Much More!
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Controller Setup
  • EQ and Mapping
  • Crossfader Control
  • Warping for DJs
  • Looping on the Go
  • Soft and Hard Tempo Changes
  • Much More!
  • Copyright Concepts
  • Licensing music from a PRO
  • SoundExchange
  • Foreign Royalties
  • Content Marketing
  • Discoverability
  • Buying Likes and Plays
  • Content Gating/ Fan Gating
  • Lead Magnets
  • Artwork/Visuals/Imagery
  • Much More!!
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Tuition Fees & Payment Plans

DJ Jumpstart Trinidad & Tobago

$350 TTDFull Course Tuition
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion

DJ Jumpstart Rest of the World

$55 USFull Course Tuition
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion
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Yes! All participants completing the programme and coursework assignments receive a Certificate of Completion from DianJen.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a payment plan for these short courses at this time.

It is possible that top performers from the class will have to opportunity to gain experience at different events that are happening during the course. Typical events include: Boat rides, Parties, Clubs etc.