Music Production 201 builds on the training gained in 101. The course covers advanced music production concepts. It is focused on both theory and practice and is designed to get you started producing quality music!

At the end of this course, participants should:

1. Explain advanced music production concepts

2. Relate theory to practice

3. Create distribution ready productions

At the end of this training participants who have completed all the training tutorials and completed the short quizzes will receive the DianJen Certificate of Completion.

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Course Content:

  • MIDI
  • Acoustics and Studio Design
  • Editing and Signal Flow
  • Advanced Audio Editing
  • Advanced Music Theory for DAW Musicians
  • Mastering in the Box
  • Digital Audio Terms and Standards
  • Mixing Music (Advanced)
  • Masterig Music
  • Making and Marketing Sample Packs


The course is made up of the following components:

  1. Music Production Theory–  Participants will be able to access the content on-demand- at times convenient to them, via the website. Lessons typically include: Tutorial Videos and Lectures.
  2. Post-Lesson Activities- There will be a comprehensive quiz at the end of each module. Participants MUST complete ALL quizzes to earn the Certificate of Completion
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Next Start Date: This is a 6-week Structured Self-Paced Online Coarse. Enroll 1st Jul- 15th Jul 2021!

Cost: $350 TTD or $55 USD for those living outside Trinidad and Tobago

Meeting Times: This Class is Fully Online. Upon sign-up, you will receive log-in details for our Virtual Classroom within 24hrs. You can access the online platform at any time that is convenient to you over the period of the course.

Hardware Requirements: Participants should have access to a reliable broadband internet service for the best experience on this course.

Software Requirements: Computers should have the latest version of the Google Chrome browser installed.

Each student that completes our training and assignments receive a Certificate of Completion from our institution. The certificate is awarded when all quizzes are completed and passed with a score of at least 50%.

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About Us

DianJen A nationally recognized Arts Education Organisation, registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago
Founded in 2012, DianJen (Dye-an-Jen) is a Music Industry Training, Production and Management Consulting Firm, based in Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago. The company was formed in response to the need for high quality training for stakeholders in the Caribbean Music and Entertainment Industry and to provide upcoming artists with recording and international promotional opportunities.
DianJen has a track record of excellence, working with hundreds of young persons and competently delivering several camps in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts since 2013!

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A Closer Look at What You Will Learn

  • MIDI Hardware
  • Channel Voice Messages
  • Sound (Drum) Replacement
  • Appregiation
  • Quantization
  • Intervals
  • Triad Inversions
  • 9th, 11th and 13th Chords
  • The Circle Progression
  • Modes
  • Non-diatonic Scales- Blues, Pentatonic, Whole-Tone
  • Much more
  • Pitch-Shifting- Flex, Elastic Audio
  • Automation (Mixing)
  • Splicing and Scrubbing
  • Beat-mapping
  • Comping
  • Channel Strip Overview
  • Parallel Processing
  • Auto-tune and Pro Tools Elastic Pitch
  • Warp Editing
  • Audio to MIDI Applications
  • Spectral Repair and Deconstruction
  • Repairing distorted audio with de-clip
  • Mapping Rubato Recordings
  • Absorption, Reflection and Transmission
  • Angle of Incidence
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Reverberation, RT60
  • Soundproofing
  • Bass Traps and Diffusors
  • ADC-DAC Conversion
  • Sampling
  • Sample Rate
  • Nyquist Theory
  • Rounding Error| Quantization Error|
  • Over Sampling
  • Delta Sigma 1-Bit
  • Lossless and Lossy Codecs
  • Bitrate
  • Perceptual Coding
  • Listening Practices
  • Gain Structure and Level Balancing
  • Saturation
  • Compression
  • Clap and Kick Reverb
  • Sub-bass processing
  • Lead Processing
  • Panning
  • Delay
  • De-Essing
  • Multiband Tools
  • Modulating FX
  • Advanced Reverb
  • Vinyl to Digital
  • Mastering Gear and Strategies
  • Tools: EQ, Limiting and Compression
  • Brickwall Limiting
  • Mid-Side Processing
  • Dithering
  • Bouncing
  • File Formats
  • Common Mix Engineer Mistakes
  • Loudness
  • EP Assembly
  • Reference Tracks
  • Mastering Reverb
  • Post- EQ
  • Much More

Creating and selling your own sample packs is a great way to earn extra income. It’s also a very good promotional tool to get your name out there, and a lot of fun.

  • Generative Workflow
  • Creating Ableton Racks, Projects, Packs
  • File Formats
  • Dithering
  • File-Naming Conventions
  • Fades, Normalization
  • Metadata
  • Self Distribution Vs. Labels
  • White Labelling
  • EULAs and Working from other peoples Samples
  • Public Domain

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This course is open to everyone with an interest in Music Production. There are no formal academic requirements for entry!

Yes! All participants completing the programme and coursework assignments receive a Certificate of Completion from DianJen.

After paying for the course you will receive log-in credentials within 24 Hrs to the Online Learning Platform

The course is designed in a 6-week format to keep you on track! We are trying to avoid the situation of persons taking months and even years to do a course and not complete it. To extend your access, you’ll need to pay $100TT or $15US per month.

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Tuition Fees

For Trinidad & Tobago Residents

$350 TTD Full Fee
  • Full Course Tuition
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion

For Caribbean and International Residents

$50 USDFull Fee
  • Full Course Tuition
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion