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A Closer Look at What You Will Learn

  • Types of Storyboards
  • Visual Language
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Terminology
  • Types of Shots
  • Perspective and Composition
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Screen Directions and Cuts
  • Progressing through a script
  • Much more
  • Overview of Final Draft Screenwriting Software (You can download a 60 Day Trial to Practice)
  • Managing Characters
  • Slug Line Tips
  • Writing Action
  • Transitions
  • Revising Your Script
  • Much more!
  • Strobes Vs Continuous
  • Lighting and White Balance
  • Using Flash & Metering
  • Bounce Cards
  • Shutter Speed
  • Constant Lighting
  • History and Evolution of DSLR Video
  • Memory Cards
  • Lenses and Stabilisation for Video
  • Filters for Video
  • Focusing Modes
  • Choosing Framerate
  • Audio Setup
  • Basic Editing
  • The Director’s Job
  • Interpreting the Story
  • Planning and Shooting
  • 180 Degree Rule, Subjective Vs Objective Angles
  • Scene Transitions
  • The Producer’s Role
  • Production Planning and Budgeting
  • Who’s Who on Set
  • Location and Running the Set
  • Communicating through images
  • Parts of Speech and Rules of Grammar
  • Editing techniques- Cut on Action, Cut for Audio First, Follow the Eyeline
  • Much More!
  • Camera Basics
  • Camera Focus, Techniques and Assist
  • Exposure- Sensitivity and Lenses
  • White Balance
  • Framing- Focal Length, Depth of Field, Vertical Angles
  • Composition- The rule of thirds, framing people, using depth
  • Camera Movement- Dolly Shots, Pans and Tilts, Handheld Camerawork, Zooms etc.
  • Audio for Video- Microphone Placement, Camera Audio Settings
  • Field Recording, Audio Quality, Using Multiple Mics
  • Recording Room Tone
  • Much More Skills

This module covers the legalities involved in clearing music for use in films and tv.

About Us

DianJen A nationally recognized Arts Education Organisation, registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago
Founded in 2012, DianJen (Dye-an-Jen) is a Music Industry Training, Production and Management Consulting Firm, based in Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago. The company was formed in response to the need for high quality training for stakeholders in the Caribbean Music and Entertainment Industry and to provide upcoming artists with recording and international promotional opportunities.
DianJen has a track record of excellence, working with hundreds of young persons and competently delivering several camps in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts since 2013!

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This course is open to everyone with an interest in Filmmaking. There are no formal academic requirements for entry!

Yes! All participants completing the programme and coursework assignments receive a Certificate of Completion from our school.

This is a 6-week professional development programme for persons wanting to gain a solid understanding of the filmmaking process. As a ‘short course’, this programme has not been accredited by any state or thrid-party body at this time.

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