Graphic Design 101


Graphic Design 101 is a self-paced 6 week, online programme that explores the skills of involved in Graphic Design. As a participant, you will cover a number of professional concepts to help you get started in the field, or provide new insights that can help you to grow your skills!

DianJen Course Outline Graphic

Course Content:

  • What makes a designer?
  • Design principles & elements
  • The art and science of colour
  • Typography concepts
  • The rules of third & golden ratio
  • Intro to adobe illustrator

Next Start Date: October 1st, 2021

Meeting Times: This Class is Fully Online. Upon enrollment, you will receive log-in details for our Virtual Classroom within 24 hrs.  You can access the online platform at any time that is convenient to you over the period of the course.

Hardware Requirements: Participants should have access to a reliable broadband internet service for the best experience on this course.

Software Requirements: Participants should have the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser installed. For the Adobe Illustrator aspect of the class you can download the trial version of the the software to practice the concepts.

Meeting Times: This Class is Fully Online. Upon sign-up, you will receive log-in details for our Virtual Classroom within 24 hrs. You can submit your assignments anytime during the 6 week period, but you MUST complete and pass all assignments with a minimum score of 50% to be awarded the Certificate of Completion.

Each student that completes our training and assignments receives a Certificate of Completion from our institution. The certificate is awarded when all module quizzes are completed by the participant.

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A Closer Look at What You Will Learn

  • Early Artists
  • Prehistoric Cave Art
  • The Renaissance- Giotto’s work, Ancient Egyptian Art and the Creative Process
  • The Nature of Design
  • The Tools of Design
  • The Process and Psychology of Design
  • Much more concepts
  • Movement and anticipated movement
  • Rhythm and Balance
  • Texture, space and positioning
  • Focal point and Emphasis
  • Points, line and shape
  • Much more!
  • The Nature of Colour
  • RGB vs. CYMK
  • The Colour Wheel
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colour
  • Colour Conversion
  • Colour Schemes
  • Much more concepts!
  • Intro to the rule of thirds
  • De Vinci’s Original Cartoons
  • The Mona Lisa
  • The Ratio
  • The Golden Spiral
  • The Golden Ratio in Faces and Architecture
  • Much more concepts!
  • Interface basics
  • Basic tools, shapes and the transform panel
  • Fill, strokes and gradients
  • The pencil and pens tools
  • Working with objects
  • Working with text
  • Much More!

About Us

DianJen A nationally recognized Arts Education Organisation, registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago
Founded in 2012, DianJen (Dye-an-Jen) is a Music Industry Training, Production and Management Consulting Firm, based in Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago. The company was formed in response to the need for high quality training for stakeholders in the Caribbean Music and Entertainment Industry and to provide upcoming artists with recording and international promotional opportunities.
DianJen has a track record of excellence, working with hundreds of young persons and competently delivering several camps in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts since 2013!

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This course is open to everyone with an interest in the content. There are no formal age or academic requirements for entry!

Yes! All participants completing the programme and coursework assignments receive a Certificate of Completion from our school.

This is a 6-week professional development programme for persons wanting to gain a solid understanding of the content areas. As a ‘short course’, this programme has not been accredited by any state or thrid-party body at this time.

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Tuition Fees & Payment Plans

For Trinidad & Tobago Residents

$350 TTD Full Payment
  • Full Course Tuition
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion

For Caribbean and International Residents

$55 USDFull Payment
  • Full Course Tuition
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion