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Darrell Bereaux
Darrell BereauxLead Instructor, Audio Education
A graduate of FullSail University with a major in Recording Arts and Entertainment Business Mr Darrell Bereaux’s career spans some over 15 years in the Recording Industry. Owning his own recording Facility BEX Audio, he has worked numerous artists both locally and internationally. Mentoring young artists, audio engineers and producers he is known for his work with the youth constantly engaging and opening his facility to mentor and share his knowledge with the next generation of creatives.

A former Audio Technician for the Lord Kitchener Auditorium at NAPA, and the Senior Audio Technician for SAPA, he was able to expand his skill set to include live audio engineering and theatrical sound effects design.

Leveraging these skilled he has opened his own company BEXtronics, a company focused on sound, offering services of sound proofing, to recording studio design and construction, to professional audio installation to name a few.

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A Closer Look at What You Will Learn

At the end of this unit, participants will: outline the livestreaming processes with special emphasis on encoding and the streaming server on the provider end and distribution platforms, networks and apps on the end of the user.

At the end of this unit, participants will: explain the uses of the various audio cables, use Direct Injection Boxes, assess the significance of impedance and how it relates to balanced and unbalanced cables, demonstrate safe practices in using soldering iron: observing temperature, make balanced and unbalanced cables- XLRF-XLRM, TRS-XLR, TS-TS etc.

At the end of this unit, participants will: understand the various types of microphones- Dynamic, Condenser and Ribbon, explain the directional and frequency characteristics of each type of microphone- Polar Patterns- Cardiod, Figure Eight and Omnidirectional, apply phantom power to relevant microphones, examine the proximity effect, apply different miking techniques.

At the end of this unit, participants will: evaluate the features and operating procedures of different types of Mixing Consoles- Analog, Digital and Powered, explain signal flow and each control on the channel strip, follow the proper procedures to connect and power on/off the Mixing Console.
At the end of this unit, participants will:

  • Examine the function and operation of EQ and various filters.
  • Apply dynamic processing tools to recorded music- Compressors, Limiters, Noise Gates, and Expanders.
  • Use Reverb, Delay and Echo on Musical Productions.
  • Interface external effects units with the Mixing Console.
At the end of this unit, participants should: explain live event management techniques, with emphasis on scheduling and safety
At the end of this unit, participants will: explore the event budgets and timelines as well as legal issues.
At the End of this unit, Participants will: select and Set-up the components of a Public Address/ Sound Reinforcement System, perform a basic line and sound check, identify and Explain the different types and designs of Monitors, set up and Place Monitors in the designated areas and collaborate with Artists, Musicians and Venue.
At the End of this unit, Participants will: Manipulate sound levels, demonstrate feedback minimization procedures, apply EQ to FOH and Monitor Systems and prepare and Trigger Sound Ques in theatrical performances.


This course is open to everyone with an interest in the commercial aspects of the international music industry. There are no other formal academic requirements for entry!

Yes! All participants completing the programme and ALL coursework assignments ON-TIME receive a Certificate of Completion from DianJen. This programme is also liked to the Level 3 Certificate in the Creative Music Industry (Live Events) awarded by RSL Awards in the UK.

Yes! You receive a $15USD ($100TTD) discount for full payment at registration. However, you can choose to make a downpayment of $250USD ($1500) and 2 payments of $88 USD ($550 TTD) each ! (See Tuition Fees & Payment Plan section)

Each student that completes our training and ALL assignments ON-TIME receive a Certificate of Completion. Additionally, this course is linked to the Level 2 Certificate in the Creative Music Industry (Live Events)- Awarded by RSL Awards in the United Kingdom (UK).

RSL Awards is an awarding body specializing in the creative industries- designing qualifications which are relevant and reflective of today’s creative sector. RSL qualifications are fully regulated by every UK regulatory body and carry UCAS Points which can be used to gain entry into UK university programmes.

We are always happy to point our students towards internship and job opportunities as they arise. However, we cannot guarantee that such opportunities will be available!

Tuition Fees & Payment Plans

With RSL Awards (UK) Certification

$425USD|$2500TTDFull Payment at Registration
  • Full Course Tuition & RSL Awards Certification
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion

Without UK Certification- Certificate of Completion Only

$299USD|$1850TTDFull Payment at Registration
  • DianJen Certificate of Completion