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A Closer Look at What You Will Learn

This module covers the various sources of revenue available to players in the international Music Industry. Focus is on 6 broad revenue streams: Music Publishing, Recorded Music, Live Performances, Brand Related, Education and Training and Fan Funding. 

Copyright law and contracts protects musicians and allows value to be created in the industry. You will study: The role of copyright, criteria for protection, common misconceptions, Duration, Neighbouring Rights (Sound Recording and Master Rights) and Copyright Infringement.

At this end of this training you will understand the roles and functions of Artist Managers in the international space. It will explore various compensation models for managers, artist career planning, contract deal points and guidance on mentoring the artist.

This module focuses on our 8-Step Model of Digital Music Distribution. Areas covered include: The Role of Digital Music Aggregators, Preparing your music for distribution (Metadata- EAN & ISRC Coding), Revenue Collection.

At the end of this module, you will understand the value of music publishing and its relationship to licensing, ownership, transfer and monetization of copyrights, types of publishing deals, licensing income and collective management organizations.

This unit focuses on the establishment and operation of record labels. You study various types of deals, royalty calculations, negotiation protocol, the 360 deal etc.

This module introduces the participant to various touring and concert management issues. You will examine: tour planning and its relationship to album promotion, immigration compliance, logistics, the Technical Rider and other areas.

In this module we will explore the establishment of various forms of business organisations, taxation requirements and the steps music entrepreneurs should take to establish their businesses as legal entities.

About Us

DianJen A nationally recognized Arts Education Organisation, registered with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago
Founded in 2012, DianJen (Dye-an-Jen) is a Music Industry Training, Production and Management Consulting Firm, based in Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago. The company was formed in response to the need for high quality training for stakeholders in the Caribbean Music and Entertainment Industry and to provide upcoming artists with recording and international promotional opportunities.
DianJen has a track record of excellence, working with hundreds of young persons and competently delivering several camps in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts since 2013!

Meet Your Tutor

Farley J. Joseph
Farley J. JosephLead Lecturer
Farley J. Joseph possesses significant experience in Music Industry Education. He has worked professionally on numerous projects in Trinidad and Tobago and New York since 2008. As a leader in the field of Caribbean Music Business Education, he is well known as the designer and lead tutor of the Music Industry Technical Camp- T&Ts first Music Business Training Programme, which was a partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts from 2014-2018- graduating close to100 participants.

Farley has consulted for Caribbean musicians and organizations and conducted workshops in partnership with various industry organizations. He has also served as Assistant Chief Examiner for the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) CAPE Business for the Performing Arts Examination and held positions at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Livestream (Acquired by Vimeo) and RightsFlow (Acquire by Google).

Academically, Mr. Joseph earned various post graduate qualifications in general Music, Music Business, Music Technology, Business Management and Instructional Design; his highest being his Master of Arts in Music Business and Music Technology from New York University (NYU). As lead tutor and course designer, he looks forward to shaping future Music Business Leaders through the region’s first internationally recognized Caribbean based online Music Business programme.

Latest Publication:
Joseph, FJ (2021). Disruptive potential: COVID-19 and emerging live music models in Trinidad and Tobago. Monogram. Ibero-American Journal of Culture and Thought , (9), 307–332.

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This course is open to everyone with an interest in the commercial aspects of the international music industry. There are no other formal academic requirements for entry!

Yes! All participants completing the programme and ALL coursework assignments ON-TIME receive a Certificate of Completion from DianJen. This programme is also liked to the Level 3 Certificate in the Creative Music Industry awarded by RSL Awards in the UK.

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Each student that completes our training and ALL assignments ON-TIME receive a Certificate of Completion from our institution and is entered for the Level 3 Award in the Creative Music Industry (Entrepreneurship). Additionally, this course is linked to the Level 3 Certificate in the Creative Music Industry (Entrepreneurship)- Awarded by RSL Awards in the United Kingdom (UK).

RSL Awards is an awarding body specializing in the creative industries- designing qualifications which are relevant and reflective of today’s creative sector. RSL qualifications are fully regulated by every UK regulatory body and carry UCAS Points which can be used to gain entry into UK university programmes.

We are always happy to point our students towards internship and job opportunities as they arise. However, we cannot guarantee that such opportunities will be available!

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